Project Overview



Projects presented in the block work for several fields:

Oil extraction
Chemicals for Hydraulic fracturing. Complete solution designed to meet strict ecological and commercial requirements for Russian and EU markets.
Consisting of gellant, crosslinker, clay binder, breakers, an anti sedimentation agent, resin-coated proppants, emulsifiers and de-emulsification agents, corrosion inhibitors, hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans scavengers.
Technological solution for a bottom hole pump extension cable thermal insulation.
Oil transportation
Drag reducing agents based for polar and nonpolar medias, based on polyacrylamide and poly-olefins. High-efficient catalysts (post-metallocene). Oil pour point depression agents.

Oil refineries
CFPP and PPD for diesel oil, heating oil, and marine fuels. Corrosion inhibitors. Bitumen adhesion improvers. Polymer-bitumen binders.